Course Information

Instructor: Apan Qasem
Office: Comal 307A
Phone: (512) 245-0347

Office Hours: M 11-1, W 11-2 (or whenever office door is open)

Lectures: M and W, 5:00 - 6:20, ALK 119 / AVRY 366

Grader: TBD

Text: David Patterson and John Hennessy Computer Organization and Design, The Hardware/Software Interface, 5th Edition

Prerequisites: CS 3358

Course Description: This course investigates both theoretical and practical issues in the design and construction of compilers. Topics include lexical analysis, syntactic analysis, semantic analysis, code generation and optimization.


Class Participation/Quizzes5%
Exam I10%
Exam II10%

This is a programming intensive course. A good portion of the grade will be based on four programming assignments focused on the four major phases of a compiler. Typical student projects consist of 2-3 thousand lines of C code. Rules for class participation will be discussed in the first class.

Late Policy: You get three slip days over the semester. You may use these slip days for an automatic extension on any assignment. (Note, the slip days do NOT apply to the exams). If you turn in a late assignment after you have exhausted your slip days, it will be graded based on the following scheme:

days latepoints off
> 3100%

Attendance Policy: Come to class!

Makeup Policy: Make up exams will only be given in exceptional situations, i.e., a documented medical emergency. Talk to the instructor for other examples of exceptional situations.

Withdrawal Policy: We will follow the withdrawal and drop policy set up by the University and the College of Science and Engineering. You are responsible for making sure that the drop process is complete. Come see me before you decide to drop the course.

Academic Honesty: You are expected to adhere to the University's Academic Honor Code as described in Unless otherwise stated, all homework assignments are to be done individually. You may discuss general strategies for attacking homework problems with your classmates but you must do the write-up/coding yourself. For the term project, you will be working in pairs or groups of three. The rules for collaboration on the term project will be discussed when the project is handed out.

ADA Compliance: Any student with a disability requiring special accommodations should inform me during the first two weeks of classes. The student should also contact the office of disability services at the LBJ student center.


Jan 18

First class day
Syllabus (PDF)


Apan Qasem
Department of Computer Science
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Office: Comal 307A
Phone: (512) 245-0347
Fax: (512) 245-8750
E-mail: apan "AT" txstate · edu