I lead the Media Lab at Texas State. In general, I am interested in methodologies that help create efficient and effective Internet Media and Vision system.

The explosive growth of Internet Media (text, photo, video, 3D object...) has triggered my research focused on large-scale media data acquisition, processing, retrieval, and understanding. We are exploring intelligent algorithms that perform scalable media understanding, retrieval, and interaction tasks such as large scale image/video/3D object understanding and retrieval, personalized media search, retrieval difficulty and preference learning, smart and interactive searches (2D/3D sketching, human touch behavior perception etc.), and mobile media applications, etc., that give rise to semantically meaningful interpretation and efficient retrieval of multimedia information on the Web.


  • We organized the Comprehensive Track: "Large Scale Comprehensive 3D Shape Retrieval Competition" in Eurographics 3D Shape Retrieval Contest 2014 (SHREC'14).
  • We organized the Sketch Track: "Extended Large Scale Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval Competition" in Eurographics 3D Shape Retrieval Contest 2014 (SHREC'14).
  • Our paper "Human Movement Summarization and Depiction From Videos" is awarded Best Paper Award at ICME2013.
  • Hiring

    PostDoc and Research Assistant positions are available. If you are interested and have background on Multimedia, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning, please send me your CV.

    To prospective TSU students:
    I am looking for self-motivated students. If you are currently a student at Texas State University and would like to discuss potential research projects with me, please send me email and we can arrange a time to meet.