Industrial Advisory Board

The Department of Computer Science at Texas State University has an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB is comprised of about twenty scientists and executives of industrial companies with profound interest in computer science. The IAB meets at least once a year on the Texas State campus in San Marcos. Other meetings may be scheduled as needed. One objective of the IAB is to advise the department in educational and professional matters. 

The bond between the Department of Computer Science and the Industrial Advisory Board significantly strengthens the department's ties with many organizations beyond the university's boundaries.

NOTICE: Any upcoming meeting of the Industrial Advisory Board is announced on the department's News webpage or Events webpage.  (Spring meetings generally are held on a Friday in mid-April, usually the Friday after the IRS tax filing deadline.)

April 26, 2019, is the tentative date of the spring, 2019, departmental IAB meeting and is a morning event.  A notice is sent to the IAB members as the date approaches.