CS 1319 - Fundamentals of Computer Science

Course Description:

Provides fundamental knowledge of the six layers of computer science as per the ACM CS0 curriculum. The information, hardware, programming, operating system, applications, and communications layers are presented plus appropriate open computer laboratory exercises. Does not count for computer science credit towards a minor, BS, or BA in computer science.


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Course Objectives:


The goals of Fundamentals of Computer Science are to provide content coverage for the core knowledge of all students if this were the only computer science theory course taken during college.


It is a breadth first background course that contains knowledge and skills that should be mastered by all students with a contemporary education.


Students majoring or minoring in computer science are required to either complete this course or pass a competency examination on the contents of the course.


The course provides an overview of the six layers of computers from an inside-out approach beginning with underlying fundamental knowledge of historical developments and representational systems.


The content consists of fundamental information required to understand the information, hardware, programming, operating system, applications and communications layers of computer systems.

Course Notes:

This course is intended for non-CS majors.

Section Info:

Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab
Offered: Typically every semester