CS 2315 - Computer Ethics

Course Description:

This course is primarily for computer science majors, focusing on the ethical codes of the professional societies, the philosophical bases of ethical decision-making, and the examination of several contemporary case studies. (WI)


Course Objectives:

  1. Make students aware of the ethical codes of the various professional organizations and alternative viewpoints.


Stimulate critical discussion of the codes and the principles behind them.


Give the students a comparative overview of about six bases for ethical decision making, both classical and alternative.


Present the rudiments of legal language as applied to computer workers, basic legal obligations and responsibilities, and show how to obtain reliable information using Internet resources.


Instill in students the notion of their accountability to their profession as well as to society at large.

Course Notes:

Effective Fall 2010, CS 2315 became a writing intensive course.

Section Info:

Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab
Offered: Typically every long semester.