CS 4100 - Computer Science Internship

Course Description:

Provides on-the-job training supervised by computer scientists in industry internship programs approved by the department. May be repeated once but not for credit and requires approval of the department chair.


  • Chair Approval
  • Computer Science majors and minors only

Course Objectives:


Enhance problem-solving skills for the student.


Enhance communication skills for the student.


Allow student to accrue professional experience.

Course Notes:

Approval to enroll requires completion of a form which the department Chair must approve.

Progress reports from the internship job supervisor also must be received while enrolled.
No letter grade is assigned for the course; student receives grade of CR for successful completion of the internship.
The deadline for submission of the internship request form is a week before the first day of class in a particular semester.

1. There must be a clear and specified relationship to the student's degree program.  
2. Placement must be at a professional level of responsibility.  
3. Internship credit is rarely appropriate in an organization where a student is already employed.  
4. Internships involving potential conflict of interests are not appropriate. Working in a small family business would be an example of such a potential conflict.

Section Info:

Lecture/Lab Hours: internship, 0 hours lecture, 20 hours lab
Offered: By arrangement. Usually offered each semester.  Cannot be re-taken for credit.