CS 4378W - Introduction to Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Course Description:

Introduces HCI topics specifically highlighted by new input modalities such as eye-tracking. Considers new input modalities as new channels for data gathering including multimedia compression, interface design, usability evaluation, biometrics. Application of HCI as interdisciplinary research tool also will be discussed.


Course Objectives:


Able to understand and solve challenges that have to be addressed when novel input technologies are employed.


Specifically learn how computer interface has to be changed when new input technologies are introduced.


Acquire basic knowledge about the Human Visual System and brain functioning & apply this knowledge to interface design.


Able to set up an experiment related to HCI domain. Students will be able to record & analyze the data as a result of this experiment.


Learn the applicability of the recorded eye tracking data to the fields of engineering, geography, physical therapy, & psychology. As a result, students will acquire skill that will allow them to be more successful in interdisciplinary research. Eye tracking: methods & technology.

Course Notes:


Section Info:

It is expected the course will be deleted in the near future (fall 2018).