CS 4379B - Introduction to Graphical User Interfaces

Course Description:

This course covers abstract and practical foundations of graphical user interface design, evaluation, and implementation. It discusses the fundamentals of computer graphics and interactive computer/human interfaces. The course includes a survey of usability measures, the major GUI standards, and GUI tools.


Course Objectives:

  1. Review models for GUI program execution (e.g., event driven programming, polling, call back functions, interface slots, etc.)
  2. Provide solid foundations on the topic of interactive software usability.
  3. Introduce the process of user centered design.
  4. List the main component of typical GUI systems including widgets, menus, buttons, toolbars, and windows.
  5. Review available software packages (such as QT) along with available GUI builders.
  6. Provide practical experience in designing and implementing usable GUI systems.
  7. Provide experience in web based GUI systems design, evaluation and implementation.

Course Notes:


Section Info:

Lecture/Lab Hours: Lecture 3/Lab 0
Offered: infrequently