CS 4395 - Independent Study in Computer Science

Course Description:

Open to undergraduate students on an independent basis by arrangement with the faculty member concerned. Requires department chair approval. Course is not repeatable for credit.


Course Objectives:


Independent study course is usually offered to teach material not covered in any of our regular courses.


Independent study course should be tailored to an individual student.


It is preferred that independent study course has some component of research to give a flavor of research to undergraduate students. For example, a literature survey on a particular topic may be beneficial in such a course.

Course Notes:

1. The deadline for submission for the independent study project proposal is a week before the first day of class in a particular semester.
2. Students should have good academic standing and background in computer science to be accepted for independent study course. The prerequisite for the course should be at least CS 3358.
3. Independent study course proposal must be approved by the department Chair.  The proposal should document
--Objective of the study
--Materials covered/Justification
--Course outline/milestones
4. A formal presentation of 30 minutes is given by the candidate by the end of the last week of classes.
5. A written report containing following items is submitted and made available electronically like on eCommons.  See the instructions on the independent study page.
--Cover page (title, name of student, name of advisor, date of submission)
--Results/Outcome of the project
--Conclusion and future works
--Appendix (if applicable)
6. The independent study course is not repeatable for credit.
7. No letter grades are assigned for the independent study course. Students receive a grade of CR if they pass or a grade of F if they do not pass.

Section Info:

Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab, by arrangement with faculty member.
Offered: By arrangement.