CS 5100 - Advanced Computer Science Internship

Course Description:

This course provides advanced training supervised by computer scientists in internship programs approved by the department. Course cannot be counted toward any graduate degree, is open only to majors in the Department of Computer Science. May be repeated once but not for credit and requires approval of the department Chair.


  • Chair/Advisor aprv
  • Major in the Department of Computer Science only

Course Objectives:


Enhance problem-solving skills for the student


Enhance communication skills for the student


Allow student to accrue professional experience

Course Notes:

Approval to enroll requires completion of a form which the department Chair must approve. 
Progress reports from the internship job supervisor also must be received while enrolled.
No letter grade is assigned for the course; student receives grade of CR for successful completion of the internship.
The deadline for submission of the internship request form is a week before the first day of class in a particular semester.

1. There must be a clear and specified relationship to the student's degree program.  
2. Placement must be at a professional level of responsibility.  
3. Internship credit is rarely appropriate in an organization where a student is already employed.  
4. Internships involving potential conflict of interests are not appropriate. Working in a small family business would be an example of such a potential conflict.

Section Info:

Lecture/Lab Hours: internship, (0-1), 0 hours lecture
Offered: By arrangement. Usually offered each semester.