CS 5376 - Enterprise Application Integration

Course Description:

Introduction to the integration of all services available on the Web. It emphasizes component-based integration frameworks based on J2EE specification (EJB, Servlets, JMS), inter-organization workflow integration frameworks, and XML framework. Students must have knowledge of object-oriented design, object-oriented programming language, databases, and networking.


Course Objectives:


Enterprise application integration isnot yet a part of the curriculum inmost computer science departments un universities in the USA. Such a course will expose students to the challenges of application integration and allow them to explore the different B2B approaches and software engineering methodologies involved. Students are expected to have knowledge of object-oriented programming language, object-oriented design principles, HTML, database, and basic networking.


The course will introduce and discuss the various technologies involved in B2b integration solutions. It will discuss in detail the architecture of the J2EE component systems, and various XML-based standards and ontologies.


If time permits, the latest Webservice architecture will also be introduced. A real-world scenario, which requires integration of diverse components (DBMS, semi-structured repository, and applications) will be introduced and the implementation of such a system in a well established B2B integration application server, BEA WebLogic is demonstrated and discussed.

Course Notes:


Section Info:

Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab