CS 7314 - Bioinformatics

Course Description:

This course introduces advanced algorithms for data-intensive computational analysis targeting biological applications such as drug response prediction, gene network analysis, and protein/RNA structure prediction. Main techniques include greedy search, linear regression, clustering, network analysis, expectation maximization, and Hidden Markov models, which are widely applicable beyond biological data.


CS 5329 or CS 5369L or equivalent with a grade of B or higher, or consent of the instructor.

Course Objectives:

The students will be able to:

  • Recognize the computational challenges in analyzing biological data

  • Relate those challenges with the standard machine learning algorithms

  • Formulate biological questions mathematically

  • Develop and customize novel algorithms to analyze data produced by new technology

  • Measure the accuracy of approaches and compare different techniques

  • Recognize the limitations of the statistical models in high dimensional settings

  • List publically available biological and clinical datasets and employ them to improve the analysis when the available data are limited

  • Combine different bioinformatics tools to answer specific biological questions

Course Notes:

New course effective Fall 2017.  Available only for computer science majors.