CS 7331 - High-Performance Computing

Course Description:

This course covers the advanced design, analysis, and optimization of high-performance applications. Topics include high-performance computer architectures, including accelerators and systems-on-chip, performance modeling and benchmarking, data and control dependence analysis, data locality estimation, memory hierarchy management, techniques for exposing parallelism, and code transformations. Different workloads are studied.


CS 5329 and CS 5348 or equivalent with a grade of B or higher, or consent of the instructor.

Course Objectives:

The students will be able to:

  • describe architectural characteristics of high-performance computing (HPC) systems
  • explain how architecture affects performance and energy consumption of HPC applications
  • discuss benchmarking and performance evaluation methodologies of HPC applications and systems
  • apply performance analysis and modeling techniques to different classes of HPC applications
  • discuss and apply HPC program optimization techniques
  • analyze performance and energy efficiency issues
  • design systematic performance studies of HPC applications and systems

Course Notes:

Course effective Fall 2017.  Available only for computer science majors.

Section Info:

It is expected that CS 5348 will be removed as a pre-requisite for Fall 2018.