Doctoral Faculty

Doctoral faculty are eligible to chair dissertation committees and teach doctoral-level courses. Prospective PhD students must contact doctoral faculty members to identify an individual willing to serve as their advisers prior to officially submitting their applications to the computer science PhD graduate program. This faculty member identified by the student must submit a mentor recommendation letter for the prospective student for the application.

Below is the current list of doctoral faculty in the Department of Computer Science:

Moonis Ali

Martin Burtscher

Xiao Chen

Mylene Farias

Byron Gao

Mina Guirgus

Tao Hou

Tanzima islam

Oleg Komogortsev

Chul-Ho Lee

Vangelis Metsis

Anne Hee Hiong Ngu

Wuxu Peng

Rodion Podorozhny

Apan Qasem

Heena Rathore

Hongchi Shi

Jelena Tesic

Kecheng Yang

Ziliang Zong