Credit by Exam CS 3358

CS 3358

A Credit by Exam (CBE) test for CS 3358, Data Structures and Algorithms, is available through the Department of Computer Science. The exam will test a student's programming skills in C++ language, and the specific topics covered in CS3358. 


  • Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues
  • Algorithm Analysis using Big-O characterizations
  • Generic Programming (templates in C++)
  • Recursion
  • Sorting (bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, merge sort, quick sort, heap sort)
  • Heaps
  • Binary Search Trees
  • Hash Tables (closed hashing (open addressing) and open hashing (chaining))
  • Graphs
  • Common applications of the data structures listed above
  • Ability to implement the data structures above in the C++ programming language  

The CBE will be given in the fall and the spring semesters before the start of classes.

A student can take the CS 3358 Credit by Exam only one time. If the student fails the exam, the student will be required to take the CS 3358 course. A student who already has earned credit for or received a grade in the CS 3358 course cannot take the CS 3358 CBE test.

A student must have received credit for CS 2308 and MATH 2358 (or equivalent courses) to be eligible to take the CS 3358 Credit by Exam.

Student must register to take the exam and pay the testing fee at least one week prior to the exam date 

To register for the exam:

  1. Complete the exam registration form.
  2. Email the form to the CS academic advisor for approval to register for the exam.
  3. The academic advisor will email the form back to the student, noting if the student is approved to take the exam.
  4. Students can request an appointment by emailing the Testing Center at at least three business days in advance. They can pay the test fee at by entering $100 as the amount to be paid.


Information about the next CS 3358 Credit by Exam is given below:

Date: January 5 - 9, 2024
Time: See Testing Evaluation and Measurement Center (TEMC) for appointment.
Location: Nueces Building

A student who takes the CS 3358 Credit by Exam will be notified by the academic advisor, via the student's Texas State email address, if the student earned credit on the exam.