Hourly Student Hiring Packet

This packet is for those who have been already been selected to work as a grader, hourly research assistant, hourly lab assistant, or office assistant.

Please do the following for your new employee file:

  1. Electronically submit your I-9.  Another email from HireRight will be sent to you containing a unique link for this step. *If you have already completed an electronic I-9 for Texas State University, you will not have to do this again.
  2. Per federal law, we must physcially see your identification paperwork. Set up an appt with the CS department admin to come by and show your documents. Review the list of acceptable documents. We must view the originals!
    • If you are an international student, we will need your Passport, Visa, I-94, and I-20 (and social security card, if you have it).
  3. Other necessary forms to be signed and turned in digitally to cs_info@txstate.edu using a secure link (we will send you the secure link).

Note:  You are not eligible to work for the department prior to the completion of the items above.

Thank you, and we look forward to you joining the department.


Informational links for employment notices and insurance:

  • Direct Deposit (may be set up once your employee file is active in SAP)