CS Collaborative Team Competed

photo of Greg LaKomski, Dr. Tahir Ekin, and MITRE Corporation representatives

On Wednesday, March 13th, a Texas State collaborative team presented as a finalist at the MITRE Payment Integrity Challenge. The "Proper Bobcats" team consisted of department of computer science instructor Greg LaKomski, computer science student Hayden Isler, and Dr. Tahir Ekin from the McCoy College of Business. They were one of four finalists in the competition and competed against some large companies. The grand prize went to SAP, but the "Proper Bobcats" earned with the Best Academic Team award. Several people who scored the proposals commented that the Texas State ideas were "superior in terms of innovative thinking."

The MITRE article about the competition results is found here: https://www.mitre.org/news/press-releases/mitre-announces-payment-integrity-challenge-winner



Deadline: Dec. 31, 2019, midnight