Computer Science Awards Day


On Friday, April 26th, the department of computer science at Texas State hosted the annual IAB meeting and 2019 CS Awards Day.

Sixteen IAB members attended, representing 14 local companies who are excited to work with our CS majors. The companies included ExxonMobil, CipherLoc, HomeAway, Greg Goshom PC, Southwest Research Institute, Emerson, SecureOrbit Labs, Handsome, McCoy, USAA, Intel, Koddi, Facekey, and AMD Research. The IAB requested more interaction with TXST Computer Science and we will work to improve communications. Hopefully, the IAB members can attend some of the CS events here on campus next year.

Out of nearly 1400 CS majors, only 50 students qualified for an Excellence award. Twenty-one honorees attended the event. Many honorees sent a declined RSVP with regrets that they were unable to attend. The honorees and IAB members ate lunch together before our recognition ceremony, where Dr. Shi gave a speech about the accomplishments of the honorees. After students were recognized and applauded for their hard work, they were treated to a raffle drawing and a free CS t-shirt along with their award certificates.

Thanks to all of those who attended. We hope to see you at next year's event!

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Deadline: Dec. 31, 2019, midnight