Computer Science REU


Computer Science REU - Summer 2019

What is REU?

REU stands for Research Experiences for Undergraduates. This is an intensive summer program that accepts a small number of students through application review. Students who are invited to participate spend 10 weeks researching and collaborating with faculty members and peers. Students receive a stipend, food allowance, and free on-campus housing during the 10-week session. In addition to research time, students attend social activities, seminars, and field trips to local tech companies.


Who pays for REU?

The National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsors the programs for computer science.


2019 SSA Group

REU-SSA stands for Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Software Systems and Analysis. This group will investigate the engineering of new trends in software, including IoT systems, mobile software, adaptive optimization, distributed artificial intelligence systems, and real-time scheduling. For more information, visit the website here:

The faculty for SSA is Dr. Anne Ngu, Dr. Guowei Yang, Dr. Apan Qasem, and Dr. Kecheng Yang.


2019 SCC Group

REU-SCC stands for Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Smart and Connected Communities. This group will design and develop mechanisms to target areas like sleep quality analysis, smart infrastructure, vision-based automated vehicle systems, and device-to-device communication. For more information, visit the website here:

The faculty for SCC is Dr. Vangelis Metsis, Dr. Mina Guirguis, Dr. Qijun Gu, Dr. Jelena Tesic, and Dr. Xiao Chen.


Why is REU important?

The department of computer science at Texas State University is dedicated to innovation. Research Experiences for Undergraduates is an excellent way for students to network with each other and gain hands-on research skills with faculty members as mentors. Many REU participants progress to the graduate level in order to continue researching and expanding their knowledge in the field.


To see more photos of the REU program, visit this link:



Deadline: Sept. 30, 2019, midnight