OpenPOWER Summit Presentation

Photo of a student giving a presentation at a podium

OpenPOWER Summit Presentation by Noushin Azami

In August 2019, Texas State University graduate student Noushin Azami presented at the OpenPOWER Summit North America. Her presentation title was "Implementation of an FPGA Accelerator with Coherent Memory Access in Apache Arrow Format for Fully Homomorphic Encryption using IBM's CAPI." Her summary reads: 

We aim to implement a fully homomorphic encryption algorithm using an FPGA accelerator in a way that eliminates the overhead produced by the device driver and memory format transitions. Fletcher is a framework that integrates FPGA accelerators with Apache Arrow, an in-memory format that reduces overhead when transferring data between platforms by creating tabular memory blocks. Fletcher is programmed to function on top of IBM’s CAPI SNAP which eliminates the need for a device driver in an FPGA accelerator, reducing the overhead of exchanging data between FPGA and CPU and giving the FPGA coherent access to data in the main memory.

Noushin is an Iranian masters student in electrical engineering at Texas State University. She is currently working on her thesis and is graduating in August, and she plans to continue her studies toward a PhD in computer science. Congratulations to Noushin for being part of the OpenPOWER Summit!

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