2019 SHPE National Convention

CS students won 1st and 2nd place at the 2019 SHPE National Convention

In November 2019, Texas State University CS students competed at the annual 2019 SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) National Convention in Phoenix, AZ.

"The annual SHPE National Convention is the largest technical and career conference for Hispanics in STEM the country. Each year, the SHPE Convention attracts over 7,000 STEM students, professionals and corporate representatives. The convention is an opportunity for leading corporations, government agencies, and other organizations to recruit top STEM talent. The convention also provides educational, technical, competitive, and other development opportunities for professionals and students in STEM." https://convention.shpe.org/about/

CS students compted in the Cyber Security Competition, a two-day ongoing challenge in the form of CTF (Capture the Flag) environment hosted by the NSA. Teams of up to four people answered questions ranging from 100 - 500 points where questions became increasingly more difficult with the increase in points. Question types included: Computer History, Computer Navigation, Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Networks, and others.

The first team to answer the question correctly earned the max points for that question. Other teams could answer the question for less points. Thirteen teams participated in total with Texas State winning 1st and 2nd place.




Deadline: May 31, 2020, midnight