AMD Covid-19 HPC Fund

AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund Delivers Supercomputing Clusters to Texas State University

Last year, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)' s HPC Fund donated high-performance computing technology to 21 universities including the University of Texas at Austin and Texas State University to assist in research related to COVID-19.

The proposal was led by Larry Fulton, School of Health Administration, and included faculty from the Ingram School of Engineering, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Psychology. Public collaboration and support from Ted Lehr, Department of Computer Science Professor and data architect for the city of Austin, was included in the proposal.

The HPC Fund grants AMD high-performance GPU-based computing hardware, software, and training to universities to enable research in several different pandemic-related topics. Additionally, Texas State researchers will be permitted access to Penguin-On-Demand (POD), a cloud computing service from Penguin Computing, to support medical research.

We are so grateful for this generous gift from AMD. Read the full story here: News Article

Photo of server

Deadline: Sept. 3, 2021, midnight