Independent Study Presentation

Title: Simulation Development of the FAA’s Remote ID Ruling

Presenter:  Ryan Wakabayashi

Advisor:  Dr. Qijun Gu

Date/Time:  Monday, May 3 @12:00 Noon (CDT)


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This research follows the ATSM Standard Specification for FAA's Remote ID final rules published on January 15, 2021. The study utilizes Ardupilot SITL simulator to model the Remote ID standard of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Applying Ardupilot is a key step to evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the Remote ID standard in a simulated environment. However, SITL is limited to simulating only one UAS. To resolve the limitation, this research develops a multi-drone simulation control program with DroneKit. This new control program runs alongside Ardupilot for UAS instance creation, connection, mission upload, and automated flying in simulation.

Deadline: May 4, 2021, midnight