TRIO Computer Science Internship

Talent Search – San Marcos is a program funded by the Department of Education that aims to help first-generation college students and low-income students enroll and graduate from an institution of post-secondary education. Our internship program will have Texas State University students work with our middle and high school students (10-18 years of age) so they can learn about Computer Science, explore STEM careers, and receive tutoring in STEM subjects.  


Spring/Fall Semesters:  Interns will be holding tutoring sessions for students that need assistance with STEM courses. Tutoring sessions will be held virtually and/or in person at San Marcos High School during the school day. Interns will also be expected to create presentations/workshops surrounding Computer Science topics, i.e. “What is a computer and how does it work?”, “What kind of jobs can you get in the tech industry?”, “How to Code - Intro”, etc. Presentations/Workshops will be held virtually with the occasional chance to be in-person.  Interns will also be exposing students to career opportunities within the STEM industry and provide career exploration activities.

Summer Semester: Interns will be assisting with a six-week summer STEM Camp that will be held virtually and/or in-person at San Marcos High School with rising 10th graders (15-16 years of age). The camp curriculum will be structured around computer science, including coding, web design, app design, game design, or robotics. Interns will be expected to participate in the day-to-day workshops/presentations and assist as needed. Interns will also be assisting students with one-on-one tutoring as needed. 


  • Must be taking at least one Sophmore level course 
  • Must have a 2.5+ GPA

Apply Now: 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out this survey. If you have any questions, please contact Talent Serch - San Marcos at or 512-245-8135. 

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Deadline: Dec. 9, 2021, midnight