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Register for Algorithms (CS 4379V)!

With Sami Alsheikh (Facebook Engineer-in-Residence)

Sami Alsheikh, our Facebook Engineer-in-Residence, will be returning in Spring 2022 to teach CS 4379V! This class had an average score of 9.36/10 when Fall 2021 students were asked if they would recommend to a peer, so if you've satisfied the Data Structures pre-req, don't miss out for Sami's last semester in Spring 2022! You will improve your problem-solving, coding, algorithms, and technical interviewing skills, as well as get to work closely with Sami.

Spring 2022

M,W 3:30- 4:50p.m. 

You must have already taken CS 3358

Deadline: Jan. 17, 2022, midnight