"Webmaster" for a Professional Association

"Webmaster" for a Professional Association (San Antonio Chapter of the American Concrete Institute)

This is a part-time position that has the possibility of continuing into the next academic year and beyond.  We are anticipating this position being about 10 hours per week (although this may be adjusted according to the work demands), and the ACI San Antonio board has authorized an hourly rate of $15/hr. 
The duties include running the chapter website (aci-sa.org) within the "Star Chapter" framework https://www.starchapter.com/  as described below:
- Answer support emails as needed, or forward to a board member for attention
- Send out announcements for meetings, events, newsletter, certifications
- Put together meetings events (speaker bio, location, registration information as needed)
- Put together special events(golf tourney) registration with catalog items/sponsorships
- Troubleshoot website issues with StarChapter as needed.
- Update current events/blog with posts as needed.
- Work with chapter secretary/treasurer for memberships/website access for members
- Clean up membership roster
- Create new new-member registration
- Streamline membership annual membership fees

If you are interested, please contact James Wilde directly at president@aci-sa.org

Deadline: June 30, 2022, midnight