CS 1428 Lab Syllabus

CS 1428 Foundations of Computer Science – Lab

Derrick Hall 325

Course Description:

This is the laboratory for the programming introduction course for majors and minors in computer science. We will study the structure of the digital computer, data representation, the software process, good coding style, and algorithm development. The control structures of C++ are emphasized but you will be able to apply much of what you learn here to other programming languages.

The lab component is a hands-on practical application of lecture topics with a Microsoft Windows™-based workstation computer and a C++ source code editor and compiler. Various non-programming computer science topics will also be practiced, including analysis of data storage types and identifying and correcting program logic errors.

Lab Grading and Lab Assignments:

The lab component of CS1428 is only part of your overall course grade. Check with your faculty instructor or the course syllabus for overall course grading criteria.  The Lab Grades will be based on the completion of the pre-lab assignments and the weekly in-lab assignments.

The labs will be hands-on practice of the materials covered from lecture. Each lab assignment is divided into a pre-lab, written, and programming sections.

Pre-lab assignments should be completed before class and submitted at least one hour prior to your lab session's Tracs site (https://tracs.txstate.edu/). A 20 point deduction will be assessed if the pre-lab assignments are completed in class. Print a copy of the pre-lab assignment and turn in a hardcopy with your lab assignment.

The written and programming portion will be given during lab session. Lab exercises must be printed, stapled together and turned in by the end of the class period. There is a printer in the lab classroom. You may use your book, your professor’s lecture materials or other resources to complete the lab assignments.  All lab assignments should be submitted via Homeworkupload and completed during the scheduled lab time.

When calculating your lab grade, the lowest lab assignment grade will be dropped.  Lab grades are reported to the course section's faculty instructor.  The overall course grade is calculated by the faculty instructor. 

Lab Assignments


Students are expected to attend lab sessions.  All in-lab assignments must be completed during your scheduled lab time. As a general rule, students are not allowed to make up a missed lab. 

Students with Disabilities:

Every effort is made to comply with university's policy regarding students with learning disabilities. If you require an accommodation(s) to participate in this course, inform the lab instructor within the first week. You will need to provide documentation from the Office of Disability Services. Failure to contact the lab instructor in a timely manner may delay the needed accommodation(s).

Drop Policy:

As a rule, lab instructors refer students to faculty instructors for specific drop policy information.