CS 1428 Lab Syllabus

CS 1428 Foundations of Computer Science – Lab

Course Description:

This is the laboratory component of the introductory programming course for majors and minors in computer science.

The lab component is a hands-on practical application of lecture topics using a C++ source code editor and compiler. Various non-programming computer science topics will also be practiced, including analysis of data storage types and identifying and correcting program logic errors.

Lab Grading and Lab Assignments:

The lab component of CS1428 is only part of your overall course grade. Check with your faculty instructor or the course syllabus for overall course grading criteria. The Lab Grades will be based on the completion of the pre-lab assignments and the weekly in-lab assignments.

The labs will be hands-on practice of the materials covered from lecture. Each lab assignment is divided into pre-lab, written, and programming sections.

Pre-lab assignments will be available 48 hours before the first lab on Monday. These should be completed before class and are due one hour before your lab class start time. They should be submitted to your lab session's Canvas site (note: NOT your lecture class). A 10 point deduction will be assessed if the pre-lab assignments are submitted late but before the end of lab class. Follow the instructions on Canvas to submit your pre-lab assignment.

The written and programming portion will be given during your lab session. Lab exercises must be submitted on Canvas by the end of the class period, or by 10pm on the day of your lab class for a 10 point deduction. You may use your book, your professor’s lecture materials or other resources to complete the lab assignments.

If students have internet connectivity problem during lab class, they should (as soon as possible) email their lab instructor to set up a zoom appointment, during which the lab instructor will provide a separate lab assignment for them to complete. This exception can be administered twice without penalty and for each additional time there will be a penalty of 10 points.

When calculating your lab grade, the Pre-lab, Written, and Program portion of each lab will be combined to produce 11 scores out of 100 possible points each. the lowest lab assignment grade will be dropped, and the average will be computed out of the remaining 10 scores. Lab grades are reported to the course section's faculty instructor. The overall course grade is calculated by the faculty instructor.

Lab Assignments

  • Pre-lab - 30pts
  • Written - 20pts
  • Program - 50pts

CS 1428 Labs Style guidelines:

  1. Name and netID must be in a comment at the top of the file.
  2. Variable names must be descriptive.
  3. Each line in the program must be no longer than 80 characters in length.
  4. Nested blocks of code must be indented consistently.

5 pts out of the 50 points for the Program portion of the lab will be allocated to the style guidelines.


Students are expected to attend lab sessions. As a general rule, students are not allowed to make up a missed lab, but you may contact your lab instructor if you feel you have extenuating circumstances.

Students with Disabilities:

Every effort is made to comply with university's policy regarding students with learning disabilities. If you require an accommodation(s) to participate in this course, inform the lab instructor within the first week. You will need to provide documentation from the Office of Disability Services. Failure to contact the lab instructor in a timely manner may delay the needed accommodation(s).

Drop Policy:

As a rule, lab instructors refer students to faculty instructors for specific drop policy information.