Professor 2015-present, ECL, CS, TX State
Associate Professor 2010-2015, ECL, CS, TX State
Research Scientist 2007-2010, ISS, ICES, UT Austin
Assistant Professor 2000-2007, CSL, ECE, Cornell

Ph.D. (2000), Computer Science, CU Boulder
M.S. (1996), Computer Science, ETH Zurich
B.S. (1994), Computer Science, ETH Zurich

Short Biography
Martin Burtscher is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Texas State University. He received the BS/MS degree from ETH Zurich and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Martin's research interests include parallelization of complex programs for GPUs, high-speed data compression, and energy-efficiency optimization. Martin has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is a distinguished member of the ACM and a senior member of the IEEE.

Current Research Areas
GPGPU, program parallelization, data compression, energy efficiency, performance assessment

Projects and Publications
GPU computing (prefix scans, energy efficiency, DVFS, irregularity, compression, n-body, TSP, FSM)
[AGRP'17a] [AGRP'17b] [PLDI'16] [HPPAC'16] [HCW'16] [Cluster'15] [PDPTA'15] [GPGPU'15a] [GPGPU'15b] [GPCDP'14] [IISWC'14] [NAS'14] [SAC'14] [GPGPU'14] [HPCwire'14] [IPCCC'13] [PASA'13] [PDPTA'13] [IPDPS'13b] [GPGPU'13] [PPoPP'13] [IISWC'12] [PPoPP'12] [PDPTA'11b] [GPGPU'11] [GCG'11]
Parallel computing (parallelization, irregular programs, race tolerance, MPI acceleration)
[SIGCSE'15] [EduPDHPC'13] [IPDPS'13a] [ICS'12] [TC'12] [PLDI'11] [PPoPP'11] [LCPC'10] [PPoPP'10] [ISPASS'09] [PPoPP'09a] [PPoPP'09b] [LCPC'08] [EUROPAR'05] [PDPTA'05] [SC'04] [PDPTA'02]
Lossless data compression (floating-point data, program execution traces, mobile data, JavaScript code)
[SC'16] [SPACE'16] [ICCCN'15] [TC'14] [MASCOTS'13] [ISPASS'13] [TC'11] [CASES'10] [WebApps'10] [DCC'10] [ICCD'09] [DCC'09] [TC'09] [DCC'07a] [DCC'07b] [CAN'06] [DCC'06] [TC'05] [CGO'05] [SIGMETRICS'04] [PACT'03]
Performance optimization, recommendation systems, classification, phase detection
[CVIU'15] [DMIN'14] [3DOR'14] [PDPTA'11a] [ISPASS'11] [SC'10] [JPCS'09] [TG'09] [ISPASS'08] [IISWC'06] [MICRO'04] [PLDI'02]
Prefetching and caching (multicore architectures, helper threading, 3D architectures)
[HPCC'15] [TACO'06] [PACT'06] [D&T'05] [PACT'05] [TECHCON'05] [MSP'05]
Computational brain-injury modeling (bioengineering, visualization, BIC)
[BIOCOMP'12] [BIOCOMP'11] [BIOCOMP'08] [MSV'07] [SBC'07] [MSV'06] [SBC'05] [METMBS'05] [SBC'03]
Value prediction (value predictors, energy/complexity efficient design, confidence estimators)
[WISA'06] [CAN'05] [WDDD'05] [CF'05] [VPW'04] [TC'02] [CAN'02] [ICCD'00] [DISS'00] [PACT'99] [JILP'99] [PFDC'98]

Software and Data
GPU code: ECL-CC (connected components), ECL-MIS (maximal independent set), SAM (prefix sum), MPC and GFC (compression), TSP_GPU (TSP), Barnes Hut (n-body), FSM_GA (bimodal FSM)
Energy/Performance: K20Power (GPU power profiler), PerfExpert/AutoSCOPE (bottleneck diagnosis)
FP compression: FPcrush, SPDP (tool), SPDP (HDF5), MPC, GFC, gFPC, pFPC, FPC, DP data, SP data
Benchmark suites: LonestarGPU (irregular GPU code), Lonestar (irregular CPU code)
Parallelization systems: ILCS (iterative local searches)
Sequence mining: CBBT (phase detection), patterns (frequent subsequences)
Trace compression: TCgen (compressor generator), VPC3 (compression algorithm)
Brain-injury modeling: TBI (model, BIC, animations)

Teaching Material
Lecture slides: Teaching modules (introduction to parallel programming for undergraduates)

Research Students
Evan Powers: Graph coloring algorithms for GPUs
Randy Cornell: Minimum spanning tree algorithms for GPUs
Arthi Nagarajan: Energy-efficient memory accesses (MS Summer 2017)
Jayadharini Jaiganesh: Fast connected-components algorithms (MS Spring 2017)
Sahar Azimi: GPU execution tracing and compression (MS Spring 2017)
Sepideh Maleki: Generalizing prefix-sum computations (MS Spring 2016)
Sindhu Devale: Tracing of large-scale parallel programs (MS Spring 2016)
Farbod Hesaaraki: Unobtrusive real-time tracing of parallel programs (MS Spring 2015)
Molly O'Neil: Using GPUs to accelerate irregular programs (MS Spring 2015)
Saeed Taheri: Optimization suggestions for GPU programs (MS Fall 2014)
Hari Mukka: Data compressor synthesis (MS Fall 2014)
Paruj Ratanaworabhan: Automatic race tolerance (Ph.D. 2009)
Ilya Ganusov: Multi-core helper threading (Ph.D. 2007)

Professional Activities
Committee Member: PPoPP'18, DRBSD'17b, EuroPar'17, DRBSD'17a, GPGPU'17, PPoPP'17, EduHPC'16, GPGPU'16, Cluster'15, PLDI'15, PPoPP'15, PLDI'14, PPoPP'14, GPGPU'13, PPoPP'13, GPGPU'12, PPoPP'12, PACT'11, ICSEC'11, PLDI'11, HPCA'11, PPoPP'10, ISCA'09, PPoPP'09, IISWC'08, MSPC'06, IISWC'05, CGO'05, ICS'02
Workshops & Tutorials: TUES1, COT5, COT4, PET5, COT3, PET4, PET3, COT2, PET2, COT1, PET1, VPW2, VPW1
Distinguished Member of the ACM; Senior Member of the IEEE and IEEE CS; Member of the NCWIT; PI of an NVIDIA GEC
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