Q.  The class schedule indicates the location of a course as ARR.  Where is ARR?

A.  ARR means the course is "by arrangement".  Generally a course with ARR is not held in a regular classroom setting because it may be an independent study course, a thesis course, or the like.


Q.  Where are the computer science faculty offices located?

A.  All computer science faculty offices on the main San Marcos campus are in the Comal Building.  Faculty office spaces are shared in the Avery Building at the Round Rock campus and may change each semester, so please check with main RRC office or directly with the faculty member.


Q.  Does computer science have a PhD program?

A.  Yes, we do! The Texas State Computer Science PhD Program started in Fall 2017. For details, email the advisor at cs_phd_advisor@txstate.edu or visit the web page: https://cs.txstate.edu/academics/phd/ 

Computer Labs and Computer Systems

Q.  Is tutoring available for students enrolled Computer Science courses?

A.  Yes.  Additional information is available here: https://cs.txstate.edu/resources/labs/tutoring/

Q.  Where can information about my Linux account be found?

A.  Information for Linux accounts and how to use them is located here: https://cs.txstate.edu/resources/labs/accounts/linux/