Undergraduate Program


The Department of Computer Science offers a variety of courses, such as: computer architecture, data structures and algorithms, automata theory, software engineering, computer graphics, computer networks, computer security, database design, data mining, machine learning, human computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and programming languages (including C, C++, Java, Assembly, Perl, PHP, Python and JavaScript).

The department offers:

  • a major in computer science with courses leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree
  • programs for students seeking teaching certification as well as a second teaching field
  • a minor in computer science for other majors
  • a master's degree program
  • a Ph.D. program

Texas State University Computer Science graduates can enter the workforce in fields like hardware manufacturing, software development, environment management, computer applications, aerospace, chemicals, and secondary school teaching.

The BS and BA degrees require a minimum of 120 semester hours and include a total of 36 advanced (junior-, senior-level) hours, and 9 hours of Writing Intensive (WI) coursework. Students also must complete a minor in another program of study. Students can select a minor from any department which offers a minor. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for a list of minors.

To discuss bachelor's degrees with a Department of Computer Science staff member, please make an appointment through email by contacting cs_recruitment@txstate.edu. Current undergraduate computer science students who want more information about the computer science degree programs should contact the advisor through the College of Science and Engineering Advising Center located in Centennial Hall 202 or by calling 512-245-1315.


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org. Students seeking either the BS or the BA with a computer science major is expected to take CS 1428, Foundations of Computer Science I, in the first semester, along with the appropriate level mathematics course.

Please note that this information reflects degree information, but it might not be as current as that listed in the university catalog nor does this discuss the entire program requirements. Students are advised to review degree and course requirements with their academic advisor.

Academic Core

In order to acquire the fundamental skills and cultural background that are the marks of an educated person, all undergraduate students at Texas State complete a program of general education core curriculum courses.  Full information can be found in the university catalog regarding the General Education Core Curriculum.  A University Seminar (US 1100) is required of all freshman students transferring in fewer than 16 college credit hours.

Course Catalogs

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Students seeking a Bachelor of Science degree will complete 43 hours of computer science coursework: CS 1428, CS 2308, CS 2315, CS 2318, CS 3339, CS 3358, CS 3398, CS 3354, CS 4328, one course from CS 4318, CS 4326, CS 4371, CS 4380, or CS 4398, and 12 hours of CS advanced electives (3000-4000 level). The BS degree also requires 17 hours of mathematics: MATH 2358, 2471, 2472, 3305, and 3398.  See the computer science Bachelor of Science schedule link for detailed information.

Concentration in Computer Engineering

Please reference the catalog for full details.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree will complete 37 hours of computer science coursework: CS 1428, CS 2308, CS 2315CS 2318, CS 3339, CS 3358, CS 3398, CS 3354, plus one course from CS 4318CS 4326, CS 4371, CS 4380, or CS 4398, and 9 hours of CS advanced electives (3000-4000 level). The BA degree also requires a total of 9 hours of mathematics.  Three hours of mathematics are applied toward the general education core and are to be selected from these courses at Texas State:  MATH 1317, 1319, 1329, 2321, 2417, 2471.  The additional 6 hours of mathematics are the required discrete mathematics courses, which all computer science majors must complete:  MATH 2358 and 3398. The BA degree requires proficiency through the sophomore level of college level modern language (2310 and 2320). Most students must complete the prerequisite 1410 and 1420 before attempting the sophomore level courses.  See the computer science Bachelor of Arts schedule link for detailed information.


Students should refer to the undergraduate catalog to see the list of available minors.

A minor in computer science consists of 22 hours: CS 1428, CS 2308, CS 2318, CS 3358, at least six advanced hours in computer science, and MATH 2358.