Tutoring is offered for Discrete Math, CS 1428, CS 2308, and CS 3358.  On-duty tutors might be able to assist with other CS courses.  However,  tutoring outside the listed courses might be unavailable. Please email cs_helpdesk@txstate.edu on availablity of other tutoring resources.

Tutoring is offered free of charge on a walk-in basis  During periods of heavy traffic, time will be limited in the lab to accomodate more people.

On Main Campus, tutoring is offered in Derr 231C inside the Derr 231 Computer Lab Suite. The tutoring lab is generally open Monday - Thursday (9am - 8pm) and Friday (9am - 5pm).

NOTE: Operational Hours are subject to change without notice.

COVID-19 UPDATE (SPRING 2021): Due to campus closures, all tutoring will be offered via ZOOM. Available times for open tutoring sessions are listed below. Additional tutoring times are available by appointment. Please EMAIL a tutor, and they will provide you with their ZOOM access code. This is done to prevent "Zoom-bombing." Emails MUST come from a registered TxState email account. Outside accounts will be rejected. 


Annavaram Venkata, Satya 9am - 12:30pm
 9am - Noon
Gaddam, Nishanth12:30 pm - 3pm9am - 3pm10am - 11:30am
9am - 12:30pmn_g332@txstate.edu
Nagabhushana, Vidhyashree  1:30m - 4:30pm 

 10:30am - 12:30pm

2pm - 5pm

Patel, Mohit

1pm - 5pm
Lode, Rohit Goud
12:30pm - 3:30pm1pm - 3:30pm12:30pm - 3pm 
Paladugu, Mounisha9am - Noon

 9am - Noon9am - 11am m_p633@txstate.edu
Mahajan, Shubhangi1pm - 3pm 

 11am - 3pms_m999@txstate.edu
Panjala, Vishnu
9am - 12:30pm11:30am - 3pm
 1:30pm - 5pmv_p177@txstate.edu
Pannala, Abhinav9am - 3pm 
11:30am - 4pm
Thota, Anudeep 1pm - 4:30pm9am - 1:30pm3pm - 4:30pm12:30pm - 2pm
Chakravarthi, Sruthi
  9am - 2pm
9am - 2:30pms_c782@txstate.edu
Choppa, Thanmai 3pm - 5pm
9am - 11:30pm 
1pm - 5pm
9am - 11amt_c335@txstate.edu
Dasari, Bepin Kishore

9am - 1pm

 9am - 1pm 9am - 10:30am