Student Employment in the Department of Computer Science

Seeking a Graduate Assistantship? 

Graduate Assistantships are extremely limited each semester. Please carefully review the following guidelines as the CS Department strictly adheres to these policies: 

  • Assistantship positions are offered directly from faculty members who have received financial funding for their research. These positions are typically offered directly to students who have expressed a shared interest in the faculty member's research area. Some positions may be posted at:

  • Do not contact the CS Department staff members regarding assistantships. You may contact a research faculty member directly through email to inquire if they have any current assistantship positions available and to discuss their hiring criteria. 

  • The availability of assistantships in other departments is not known to the CS Department staff. Please review an individual department's website to determine their own hiring practices. 

  • Please do not visit the CS Department staff requesting information on assistantships; we are not accepting any resumes.

  • A few Graduate Assistantship positions are funded to support our CS Department labs. You can review the information below on positions in our labs and other means of employment within the CS Department.
  • Please review the links at the bottom of this page for additional employment resources.  

Lab Assistants (open to all majors) (hourly or salary) – For information, please contact

The Computer Science Department maintains open labs where facilities are provided for students to complete computer science class assignments and projects. These labs are supported, configured, maintained and monitored by student lab assistants under the direction of full time staff Lab Coordinators. Duties can involve a variety of tasks such as monitoring the lab facilities, installation and configuration of software, installation and configuration of hardware, web development and system administration. Both undergraduate and graduate students are employed in this capacity and work is scheduled around student class schedules.

Lab Instructors
(hourly or salary) For information, please contact

The Computer Science Department offers several courses which have associated lab sections for which students must register. These lab sections are usually taught by skilled undergraduate and graduate Computer Science majors or minors. Proficiency in the subject being taught, sufficient maturity to be in charge of a class and excellent communication skills are absolute requirements. Duties include providing instruction, preparing and maintaining lab facilities and supplies, guiding students to completion of lab assignments and grading of submitted lab work. Student lab instructors may be required to attend periodic meetings and hold office hours. 

Tutors (hourly or salary) For information, please contact

The Computer Science Department is dedicated to doing all it can to makes students successful. Free tutoring is offered for most all undergraduate core courses. Graduate and undergraduate Computer Science students with good communication and academic skills are hired to provide this tutoring.

(hourly only)

Student graders assist faculty with scoring and recording student assignments and projects for a specific course. Faculty members may post their openings in the “News” section of the CS website. 

On-Campus Employment Resources:

Most on-campus employment opportunities can be viewed at Jobs4Cats (Handshake).

Find other employment resources by visiting the Career Services Page: