Student Involvement

Active Student Organizations

ACM Chapter

Focus: Leetcode Problems, Industry Visits, Coding Competitions
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marcos Palacios



Official Discord:
Focus: Linux, device development, programming
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ted Lehr


Virtual Reality Development Group (VRDG)

Focus: Unity, C#, Git, VR Development
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vangelis Metsis 



STEM Student Advisory Board

The STEM-Student Advisory Board (STEM-SAB) is a student-governed body in the LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research at Texas State University, with one representative from each STEM college as a STEM undergraduate research assistant form STEM-SAB.



The goal of the WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) Initiative is to encourage more women to pursue STEM as an exciting and fulfilling educational and career choice. To that end, WiSE activities strive to address the unique needs of women students, ensuring that the College of Science & Engineering helps them achieve their goals. Each year, Texas State University hosts a large WiSE conference that includes guest speakers, a poster contest, and more.