CS 4372 - Introduction to Digital Multimedia

Course Description:

The course covers concepts, problems and techniques in digital multimedia. Topics include digital representation and data compression of text, speech, audio, natural and synthetic images, and video, as well as multimedia applications, transmission, and standards. In addition, the course introduces perceptual aspects of multimedia signals and sources.


Grade of C or higher in CS 3358.

Course Objectives:


  1. Describe the fundamental components of physical and perceptual properties of digital multi-media (DMM) systems.
  2. Describe the fundamental concepts of digital signals processing (DSP).
  3. Write computer programs that implement fundamental concepts of DSP.
  4. Analyze the fundamental concepts of information theory.
  5. Describe the fundamental concepts of data compression.
  6. Develop computer programs that implement basic lossless and lossy data compression algorithms.
  7. Describe the principles that guide international standards for representation, storage, retrieval, and transmission of DMM.
  8. Construct computer software that implements the main components of the standards for representation, storage, retrieval, and the transmission of DMM.


Course Notes:

Course is effective Fall 2016.  Course replaced CS 4378P.

Section Info:

3 hour lecture course.