PhD Unique Features

What makes our program unique?

The Ph.D. program in computer science at Texas State University primarily distinguishes itself from other similar programs in Texas in the following ways.

1) Research Focus

a. Texas State emphasizes applied computing, targeting research areas of national priority such as data analytics and management, human computer interaction, informatics, computer security and networking, high-performance computing, and software engineering.
b. The program prepares students to pursue a range of research and research-related careers in academia as well as industry.

2) Program Delivery

a. Texas State offers a selection of evening classes.
b. Though emphasizing full-time students, the program welcomes and accommodates part-time students.

3) Doctoral Curriculum

a. The program at Texas State requires each student to attend entrepreneurship boot camps.
b. In addition to breadth and depth courses in computer science, the program includes technical leadership, innovation, communication, and commercialization training.