PNNL Internship

PNNL is looking for interns for the summer of 2022 who are interested in geospatial analysis. Our team represents a diverse team of mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists, software engineers, analysts, and subject matter experts who are working together to solve geospatial problems at scale in support of national problems. Some examples of these include understanding how water and electrical infrastructure is impacted by a natural disaster, understanding migratory and traffic patterns to allow for better response planning, and utilizing contextual data sources to provide situational awareness for decision-makers. We work with datasets like GDELT, Open Street Maps, and Census information. As an intern with us this summer, you will:

• Learn solid software engineering skills such as how to use git, automated testing, continuous deployment, and tutorials.

• Create algorithms and interactive visualizations using geospatial data sets to answer a decision maker’s questions.

• Gain exposure to national security problems and the DOE national labs.

• Collaborate with other interns, analysts, and scientists.


To get the most out of your summer, we do require:

• Python experience with knowledge of pandas (PySpark experience is a plus)

• Good access to the internet for participation in a remote internship at PNNL

• Communication skills and a willingness to learn, teach, and collaborate


This opportunity does require US citizenship.

Please contact Jenny Webster ( and Taylor Coleman ( directly.

Deadline: Dec. 9, 2021, midnight